My First Race (and maybe my last!)

My boyfriend is a runner, not a professional runner, but he enters races and triathlons.

I don’t.

I was always a sprinter at school, and the thought of running more than 100 metres would horrify me! Over the last year or so I decided to get fit and start running. I’m still not a good runner, and I’m terrible at actually going running (which is probably why I’m not a good runner), I try but I’m just not motivated.

Ready for the race - not looking happy

Ready for the race – not looking happy

So, to try to motivate myself I entered a race, just 5km, but I entered it and then I didn’t train! I’m partially blaming dislocating my thumb for this because I couldn’t run with my cast on and then I never really got back into it. I ended up doing a bit of running and managed to get to 4km on the treadmill 2 days before my race, probably a mistake, my legs were killing!

The race day came, I was dragged along by my boyfriend, he did really well and motivated me all the way along. Sadly, I had to walk some of it but I finished in style an awesome sprint and completed it in 37mins 57sec. I was aiming for 45mins so I’m seeing that as a success 🙂

I don’t want to make a habit of this though, I will keep running for fitness but I do not want to be doing any more races!

Except one, I am planning on doing the Race for Life next year and now I’ve written it down in my blog it is practically a promise. I’ll keep you updated!