Bad Blogger! (and nights out)

I’ve been naughty and I’ve forgotten to blog!

To be fair I am a busy bee, I work week days and I party at weekends 😀

I’ve had some fab nights out recently and all local ones too. A cheeky Wednesday night in Spoons and I wasn’t even drinking, but that’s the problem with having friends who are at uni, they can go out on school nights. Although saying that, me a couple of friends did have Wine Wednesday a few weeks ago and I can promise I will not be doing that again any time soon, I’m getting too old for it 😉

Me and my lovely friends Ruth and Katie had a fab night out going to a few bars then heading down the local nightclub last weekend. We all went a bit crazy but danced our socks off and made that most of a great night. The end of the night was an interesting one, Katie got a lift home with her brother because she lives miles away and me and Ruth decided to head to be kebab shop and then get a taxi. The only problem being that we both had no money.

In our merry state we decided to walk into the  town centre (about 10 mins) and get some cash out, but it was pouring with rain. Obviously that didn’t stop us! With amazing luck we discovered two £10 notes on the ground half way into our walk to town but determined to get kebab we decided to keep walking.

The men in the kebab shop were rather shocked to have to drenched ladies girls stumble in but we still ordered our cheesy chips and chicken burger (each) called a taxi and went on our merry way.

It is safe to say I didn’t feel fabulous the next day!

Me and Ruth in the Kebab Shop

Me and Ruth in the Kebab Shop, can you tell it was raining?!


Drowning in Cake

Coffee and Pecan Cake

Coffee and Pecan Cake

Last week it was my Dad’s birthday, the big 60.

And, as his doting youngest daughter, I made him a birthday cake, which was super tasty (even if I say so myself!)

It was meant to be coffee and walnut but I used pecans instead, which are just as tasty, although I think they might not be as healthy as walnuts, but if you can’t over indulge on a birthday, when can you?

Now this was just the tip of the iceberg.
One cake is easy, nothing to complain about, especially when you have a Kenwood Chef (he is my baby!). My mission however was to make cupcakes for my Dad’s birthday party, about 100 cupcakes, and about the same amount of mini pizzas.
Not as easy as making one cake.

Still, I love a baking challenge, I just pretend I’m on The Great British Bake Off. So, with my copy of Mary Berry’s Baking Bible at hand I set to work. To be fair, the recipe I chose was Mary Berry’s all in one cupcake recipe so it wasn’t as taxing as it could have been and it still makes yummy cupcakes.

After baking on Thursday night, Friday night and icing them all on Saturday (while also making mini pizzas) my mission was complete.
Cupcakes = 95
Mini pizzas = about 70 (some were lost in action!)

I will leave you with pictures of my cupcake journey!

Mary Berry's Baking Bible

Mary Berry’s Baking Bible
Awesome book!

Cake Ingredients

Cake Time!

Cupcake cases

Crap cupcake cases from Sainsbury’s

Double Yolker

Double Yolker, I had about 4 of these, what are the chances!

First lot ready

First lot ready

First cupcakes cooked

First cupcakes cooked

95 Cupcakes cooked

95 Cupcakes cooked!

Cupcakes iced and waiting to be eaten

Cupcakes iced and waiting to be eaten – it looks like it says ‘160’, my Dad isn’t that old!

Hopefully I won’t have to do this again for a while, it’s hard work making cakes, but it is fun eating them!


The sun has been out, oh happy days!

Saturday, I dug out the sunglasses, put my dress on (with tights of course, I’m not insane) left my coat at home and set off into the sunshine. Well kind of, I went to Sainsbury’s, then drove for 40 mins to a house party. But still, I was kind of outside, well the sun was shining through my windscreen and the car was hot.

The party was awesome, I drank loads and ate some amazing food, had my back clicked and hardly slept. Then I had to wake up early to drive the BF back home because he wanted to watch the F1, but with a quick stop off in McDonald’s to grab some perfect hangover food and hopefully win on the Monopoly, all we got was a sodding drink no car or phone 😦

Then I spent the rest of the day chilling out and shopping with my mum. I got some beautiful draws from The Merchant Chandler then reorganised my dressing table, it’s a glamorous life I lead.

It’s my dad’s birthday on Tuesday and his party on the 27th. I’ve been tasked on making about 70 cupcakes and 70 mini pizzas, I’m going to be stressed, and fat!