Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Wow, what a holiday!

If you have never been to Vegas I strongly recommend that you do.

Here is what I did in Vegas:

  • Friday – Arrive and sleep
  • Saturday – Explore The Strip
  • Sunday – Explore The Strip again and Penn and Teller
  • Monday – Chill by the pool, shoot some guns and go for a girls night out at Coyote Ugly
  • Tuesday – Helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon and dinner and Hard Rock Cafe
  • Wednesday – Fremont Street bar crawl
  • Thursday – Bellagio buffet, Blink 182 and beer pong
  • Friday – Hooters, the mob museum and the neon boneyard
  • Saturday – Shopping, the Vegas sign, Hash House a go go and Tournament of Kings
  • Sunday – Home time 😦

So it was a busy holiday!

There were seven of us going, however me and my boyfriend flew out on the Friday and our other friends arrived on Saturday. Out of the seven of us three of us had never been to Vegas before, I was one of them and I was in for a treat!

We were staying at the Wild Wild West Days Inn hotel. It wasn’t glamorous, but we weren’t planning on spending a lot of time in our room so there was no real point in spending a lot of money. It is behind New York-New York so it isn’t that far from The Strip anyway.

It isn’t a particularly nice part of Vegas (although we did go to worse parts) and taxi drivers kept reminding us and one night I did get woken up because a prostitute was arguing with her client because he had hit her head…it was an interesting conversation!

Still the gambling was cheap and there was a Denny’s which were were given free breakfast tokens for, so it made the breakfasts a little less foul knowing that we weren’t paying for them!

I’ll leave you with some pictures of our beautiful hotel and you can read about my other adventures soon!

Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West

Free Breakfast!

Free Breakfast!

View from our room

View from our room



Vegas Baby!!

Flights booked!!

For someone who has no money I really have managed to go on a lot of holidays this year. I’ve been surfing (kind of!), I’ve been to Glastonbury and now I’m going to Vegas.

I’m not going until the 13th September, but as I was reminded today, that is less than 60 days, I’m rather excited.

I’ve got a lot of ideas planned for what I want to do:

  1. Helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon
  2. Bellagio fountains
  3. Bellagio Buffet
  4. Shooting range
  5. Bar crawl up and down the strip
  6. Bar crawl up and down Downtown
  7. MGM Grand pool party
  8. Gambling
  9. Partying
  10. Shows

Now I am aware that there is a hell of a lot to do in Vegas, has anyone been and has any Vegas tips for me?

Also, flights are booked, not actually booked any accommodation yet, where would you say is a good, cheap hotel in Vegas to stay?

I would love to hear from you, just drop a comment below 🙂