Life Update!

I keep meaning to let you know how Glastonbury was this year but I’ve not got round to writing my post yet, I will though, even if it is mostly just pictures.

Right now though I’m at the end of a super chilled Saturday, I’m relaxing with a fruity beer and I’m playing on my new game on my Nintendo 3ds xl.

My day today has been lovely but tomorrow I’m meant to be braving the rain to go on a long walk up and down some hills a few times. In two weeks time I (hopefully) will have completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

I’m taking part through work and we are raising money for Combat Stress, you can donate here!

Anyway, enough begging! Here is what I’m doing right now.


Tomodachi Life

This is my new game, I’m quite surprised at how good it really is, I was a bit dubious to start with but it is quite fun. It’s no Animal Crossing but it is cute and quirky in a similar way.


Fruity beer!

Here is my beer! It is raspberry flavoured and is super tasty. We had another trip to Belgium and stocked up again (something else I was going to blog about!)

But most importantly, today I got a new T-shirt from Primark.


Sorry about the bad picture, i was too excited!

I know right, its bloody wonderful!


A Day Trip to Lille!

I’m really lucky that my boyfriend works for a ferry company, so he gets a few free trips across for two people a year, we have been to Bruges and Brussels on day trips and this time we  headed to Lille!

Lots of beer!

Lots of beer!

I’ve been to Lille before for a weekend trip, so it was nice to go back again. However, on our way to Lille we stopped of in Ploegsteert, Belgium (as you do!) and went to an amazing beer shop! The shop was called Vanueem and there are so many different types of beer it is insane, we spent a lot of money!

After we had popped into Ploegsteert we headed to Lille. We parked in EuraLille and wandered around the shops, stopping in a kind of fast food pasta shop for some lunch. Being the one out of the two of us that can speak a little bit of French (and I really mean in a little bit) it was my job to order the lunch, at which point I probably insulted the whole of France with my awful attempt at their language!

After our lunch we went into the city centre to see the beautiful sites of Lille.

There are so many beautiful building in Lille, and we were really lucky with the weather, so we could sit outside and soak up the sun and look at all the wonderful buildings.



As we were only on a day trip we weren’t able to see a lot of the sights and it was very much a quick tour.

After our walk around and chilling out next a lovely fountain we decided that it would be a good idea to relax even more and have a beer 🙂

We stopped off at a bar and each had a Kawk beer in the awesome glass. There are so many different bars and restaurant in Lille, as there are in a lot of French towns and cities, the food all looked wonderful but as many non-French speaking visitors to France we found that we were given as little interaction as possible!

As we always do when we go to France we stopped off in a hypermarket and do some food and wine shopping.

In EuraLille the is a Carrefour where we stocked up on all of our generic French food and drink.



This time, however, we got something a bit different.

The horse meat scandal in the UK sparked a lot of discussion about how good horse is for you, so my boyfriend though he would find out.

He bought a horse steak in France and a beef steak from Sainsburys back home and did a ‘scientific experiment’

His findings? They are both tasty!

I would recommend that you visit Lille, and if you get the chance, go for a weekend, there is a lot to see and do. I barely touched the surface on this trip.