Life Update!

I keep meaning to let you know how Glastonbury was this year but I’ve not got round to writing my post yet, I will though, even if it is mostly just pictures.

Right now though I’m at the end of a super chilled Saturday, I’m relaxing with a fruity beer and I’m playing on my new game on my Nintendo 3ds xl.

My day today has been lovely but tomorrow I’m meant to be braving the rain to go on a long walk up and down some hills a few times. In two weeks time I (hopefully) will have completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

I’m taking part through work and we are raising money for Combat Stress, you can donate here!

Anyway, enough begging! Here is what I’m doing right now.


Tomodachi Life

This is my new game, I’m quite surprised at how good it really is, I was a bit dubious to start with but it is quite fun. It’s no Animal Crossing but it is cute and quirky in a similar way.


Fruity beer!

Here is my beer! It is raspberry flavoured and is super tasty. We had another trip to Belgium and stocked up again (something else I was going to blog about!)

But most importantly, today I got a new T-shirt from Primark.


Sorry about the bad picture, i was too excited!

I know right, its bloody wonderful!


2 thoughts on “Life Update!

  1. You have done a very good job of keeping this blog under wraps! Until now! lol πŸ˜€
    You found the t-shirt in your size, yay! I am now going to have a snoop and read your other posts.

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