Glastonbury Packing List

With Glastonbury Festival less than a month away I’ve been having a think about what I’m going to pack, so here is my list and tips for you.

– Tent

Obviously! Make sure you have a decent tent, it’ll need to be waterproof, the last thing you want to find out when you are in a wet muddy field is that your tent isn’t waterproof.
You also don’t want your tent to be too big and too difficult to put up, unless you get there really early or camp in an unpopular camp site space is going to be limited. Don’t forget it is likely you are going to have to carry it quite a long way, so don’t buy a heavy tent.

– Sleeping bag

Again, obvious. Your sleeping bag needs to be comfy, preferably one that can be packed small.

A festival tip for you, keep you valuables with you all the time, even when you are sleeping. Put them in the bottom of your sleeping bag, that way even if someone does get into your tent they will have to wake you up to take anything.

– A bed

Make sure you remember to bring something to sleep on. Air beds are great because they are cheap but they do go down easily and can be heavy and bulky. This year I’m planning on getting a self inflating camping mat, they aren’t that expensive and you don’t have to worry about spending ages blowing it up only to wake up on a half sunk into the ground. Plus it takes up less room 🙂

– Wellies

Joules Wellies

My cute wellies

They are such a necessity at Glastonbury and any festival these days. My awesome sister got me some super cute Joules wellies for Christmas this year, they are a bit of an upgrade to my Asda ones last year!

You need to remember to not just bring wellies though. The last thing you want is to have to put wellies on when its hot and the sun is shining. I would say to bring some plimsolls and some flip flops too, they don’t take up too much room and they are perfect for when the sun comes out!

– Clothes

Don’t take too much. Seriously, even if you think you haven’t got that much stuff with you will probably only use half of it. Yes take extra socks, you will need them, but 5 pairs of shorts? Trust me even if you do wear them all, you have taken up valuable booze room when you could have done with two pairs max.

My Glastonbury clothing essential are leggings with a shorts/skirts combo, they will keep you warm but you can easily take them off when the sun comes out.

Don’t forget your wet weather gear though, a good rain coat and/or a poncho are important.

– Booze

Possibly the most important thing! As Glastonbury is awesome you can take alcohol pretty much anywhere. It is important to remember though you shouldn’t be bringing glass with you, not only is it dangerous, its heavier!

– Toiletries

Hand sanitiser and toilet paper are the two things you should not forget, ever. I have brought things to wash my hair in the past, but only travel bottles, this year I am just going to bring dry shampoo, it is far too much effort to wash my hair and there are so many more exciting things to do.

Don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and wet wipes, they are all your friends to help you feel a little bit more human.

Sun cream is essential, even if the forecast is rain, if the sun does come out no one wants to spend the whole weekend burnt.

– Others bits

Apart from your camping bag you will need to have another bag to carry round with you through the week, a good sized backpack is perfect.

A hat is a festival staple, not only is it good to keep the sun/rain off you, but it covers up your hair after days of not being washed.

It goes without saying really, sunglasses are a must to complete that festival look!

There are charging places all over for you to boost your phone, but it is a great idea to have a festival phone that you can rely on to last you the week just to find people. This year Glastonbury are selling portable chargers that you can use and trade in for a new one when you need it. This means you don’t have to sit in the charging tent and wait while everyone is having fun.

Its a good idea to bring a camera, you don’t want to miss out on those awesome memories, but don’t forget to bring spare batteries.

Have I forgotten anything? What are you planning on taking with you?


Leave me a comment :)

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