Life Update!

I keep meaning to let you know how Glastonbury was this year but I’ve not got round to writing my post yet, I will though, even if it is mostly just pictures.

Right now though I’m at the end of a super chilled Saturday, I’m relaxing with a fruity beer and I’m playing on my new game on my Nintendo 3ds xl.

My day today has been lovely but tomorrow I’m meant to be braving the rain to go on a long walk up and down some hills a few times. In two weeks time I (hopefully) will have completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

I’m taking part through work and we are raising money for Combat Stress, you can donate here!

Anyway, enough begging! Here is what I’m doing right now.


Tomodachi Life

This is my new game, I’m quite surprised at how good it really is, I was a bit dubious to start with but it is quite fun. It’s no Animal Crossing but it is cute and quirky in a similar way.


Fruity beer!

Here is my beer! It is raspberry flavoured and is super tasty. We had another trip to Belgium and stocked up again (something else I was going to blog about!)

But most importantly, today I got a new T-shirt from Primark.


Sorry about the bad picture, i was too excited!

I know right, its bloody wonderful!


Date Night

Although we don’t live together at the moment I spend most of my time at my boyfriends house or him at mine. We used to be house mates with two other friends but in December we both moved back to our parent’s houses, the biggest reason being that we wanted to start saving up so that we could buy a place together and that is near impossible with the price of rent! Because we are both saving as much as we can we don’t always get the opportunity for a night out, just the two of us. We always seem to have something on, even if it’s just going down to the pub at the weekend, but that’s not the same. This month we have got a lot going on, most importantly Glastonbury (not long now!!) but we also both had our MOTs (booo!). Somehow, however, both our cars managed to pass their MOTs with very little work needed so we decided we are allowed a treat. So we when out for a meal and then headed to the cinema to see X-Men. We headed to Ashford Eureka Park because that is the best place to go locally for a meal and a film, and there are just enough restaurants there so that we don’t just end up going to McDonald’s every time. This time we went to Chiquito, the Mexican restaurant, I’ve been there before a few times and I really like it in there, although it is a bit over priced for what it is.

Chiquito Food

Chiquito Food

Our waitress (I think her name was Chloe?) was brilliant and noticed when the kitchen forgot to give Adam his extra bit of chicken and she sorted it out straight away. The food was yummy too, and in hindsight we definitely did not need that many nachos for a starter, even though they were really tasty. One thing I love about Chiquito is that when you are looking at the menu they always bring over a small snack, just to keep you going, and the popcorn we had was perfect for this. I had the chicken and pulled pork tex mex dish and Adam had the same but as a burger, how adventurous are we?!

After completely stuffing our faces we still had a while to go until the film started so we went for a walk.

There isn’t really anywhere to walk near the cinema so we went and stood on the bridge oven the motorway. Not the most glamorous of walks but it was interesting to watch the traffic.

We headed back to the cinema and sat in the best seats and watches the film. If you get a chance to go and see xmen I really recommend it.

Now I’m off to Glastonbury now so I’ll let you know what I get up to this year!

Glastonbury Packing List

With Glastonbury Festival less than a month away I’ve been having a think about what I’m going to pack, so here is my list and tips for you.

– Tent

Obviously! Make sure you have a decent tent, it’ll need to be waterproof, the last thing you want to find out when you are in a wet muddy field is that your tent isn’t waterproof.
You also don’t want your tent to be too big and too difficult to put up, unless you get there really early or camp in an unpopular camp site space is going to be limited. Don’t forget it is likely you are going to have to carry it quite a long way, so don’t buy a heavy tent.

– Sleeping bag

Again, obvious. Your sleeping bag needs to be comfy, preferably one that can be packed small.

A festival tip for you, keep you valuables with you all the time, even when you are sleeping. Put them in the bottom of your sleeping bag, that way even if someone does get into your tent they will have to wake you up to take anything.

– A bed

Make sure you remember to bring something to sleep on. Air beds are great because they are cheap but they do go down easily and can be heavy and bulky. This year I’m planning on getting a self inflating camping mat, they aren’t that expensive and you don’t have to worry about spending ages blowing it up only to wake up on a half sunk into the ground. Plus it takes up less room 🙂

– Wellies

Joules Wellies

My cute wellies

They are such a necessity at Glastonbury and any festival these days. My awesome sister got me some super cute Joules wellies for Christmas this year, they are a bit of an upgrade to my Asda ones last year!

You need to remember to not just bring wellies though. The last thing you want is to have to put wellies on when its hot and the sun is shining. I would say to bring some plimsolls and some flip flops too, they don’t take up too much room and they are perfect for when the sun comes out!

– Clothes

Don’t take too much. Seriously, even if you think you haven’t got that much stuff with you will probably only use half of it. Yes take extra socks, you will need them, but 5 pairs of shorts? Trust me even if you do wear them all, you have taken up valuable booze room when you could have done with two pairs max.

My Glastonbury clothing essential are leggings with a shorts/skirts combo, they will keep you warm but you can easily take them off when the sun comes out.

Don’t forget your wet weather gear though, a good rain coat and/or a poncho are important.

– Booze

Possibly the most important thing! As Glastonbury is awesome you can take alcohol pretty much anywhere. It is important to remember though you shouldn’t be bringing glass with you, not only is it dangerous, its heavier!

– Toiletries

Hand sanitiser and toilet paper are the two things you should not forget, ever. I have brought things to wash my hair in the past, but only travel bottles, this year I am just going to bring dry shampoo, it is far too much effort to wash my hair and there are so many more exciting things to do.

Don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and wet wipes, they are all your friends to help you feel a little bit more human.

Sun cream is essential, even if the forecast is rain, if the sun does come out no one wants to spend the whole weekend burnt.

– Others bits

Apart from your camping bag you will need to have another bag to carry round with you through the week, a good sized backpack is perfect.

A hat is a festival staple, not only is it good to keep the sun/rain off you, but it covers up your hair after days of not being washed.

It goes without saying really, sunglasses are a must to complete that festival look!

There are charging places all over for you to boost your phone, but it is a great idea to have a festival phone that you can rely on to last you the week just to find people. This year Glastonbury are selling portable chargers that you can use and trade in for a new one when you need it. This means you don’t have to sit in the charging tent and wait while everyone is having fun.

Its a good idea to bring a camera, you don’t want to miss out on those awesome memories, but don’t forget to bring spare batteries.

Have I forgotten anything? What are you planning on taking with you?

A day out in London

This weekend has been pretty awesome. I don’t mean to brag but it really has been brilliant!

I hadn’t seen my friends in a long time because we live all over the UK. Our easiest point to meet is London so we had a lovely day at Westfield, Stratford.

What started out as a calm catch up quickly turned into cocktails and reminiscing!



My wonderful friend Katie, who is planning on getting married winter 2015, then asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. How lucky am I? I’ve not been a bridesmaid since I was little so I’m sure it’ll be a bit of a different experience this time, I really can’t wait!

I’m so lucky to live only an hour away from London on the fast train and although it is rather expensive it is well worth it for the time it takes to get there.

I’m now looking forward to helping her plan the wedding, and help her sister plan the hen do, now that will be fun!!

Its been a while (again)

Okay I know I keep promising that I will keep writing but I’m rubbish alright?!

I’m actually writing this in the gym because I’m super cool!


Here us the proof!

I find that since I moved home I’ve had so little time just to sit down and write. I’m spending most my time out my house, mostly at the bfs house because he has a lot more space than me.

Like a lot of people I’ve moved back with my parents so I can save up and eventually buy a house, how grown up of me!

So I’m pretty sure I’ll still be being rubbish at posting anything for the anytime in the future but you never know, I might surprise myself!

Happy New Year!

Is it too late now to wish you a happy new year?
Well I’m going to anyway!

I know I’ve been away for ages again, I’ve been busy moving and with Christmas and I’m finally getting back into the awing if things.

I’m looking forward to this year, I’m currently saving a lot more money now I’m back with my parents and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to save enough for a deposit on a house. Of course this is a lot easier said than done, but I’m just going to have to be a bit more boring and not go to the pub as much, or just not drink as much!

Still I’ll update you all on how it all goes and you never know , I might just spend it all on another awesome holiday like my trip to Vegas!

I hope you are all having great new years so far and that you haven’t failed on your new year resolutions already!

Moving House and Growing Up?

It’s been a while I know!

I’ve been a busy bee since I was last here, I’ve had a lot of posts that I was going to write but I never got round to it.

Here is what is going on in my life at the moment, one of my lovely house mates is buying a house and the rest of us have decided to move back home with our parents rather than look for a new place to live. This is actually quite good for me because it’ll mean that I’ll be able to save up some money to buy a house!

So I’ve been frantically trying to sort out my stuff and I’m slowly moving back to my parents, it is going to be strange after this amount of time but if it means that I’ll be able to buy a house before I’m 25, I’m not too bothered about it!

It does feel ridiculously grown up though, thinking of buying a house. I’ve had to get a credit card so that I can start working on my credit rating, although I’m a bit too scared to use it. Another good thing about moving back home is I will actually be in a warm house again, I’ve been rocking out my lion onesie a bit too much so far this autumn/winter!



Over and out 😉

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Wow, what a holiday!

If you have never been to Vegas I strongly recommend that you do.

Here is what I did in Vegas:

  • Friday – Arrive and sleep
  • Saturday – Explore The Strip
  • Sunday – Explore The Strip again and Penn and Teller
  • Monday – Chill by the pool, shoot some guns and go for a girls night out at Coyote Ugly
  • Tuesday – Helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon and dinner and Hard Rock Cafe
  • Wednesday – Fremont Street bar crawl
  • Thursday – Bellagio buffet, Blink 182 and beer pong
  • Friday – Hooters, the mob museum and the neon boneyard
  • Saturday – Shopping, the Vegas sign, Hash House a go go and Tournament of Kings
  • Sunday – Home time 😦

So it was a busy holiday!

There were seven of us going, however me and my boyfriend flew out on the Friday and our other friends arrived on Saturday. Out of the seven of us three of us had never been to Vegas before, I was one of them and I was in for a treat!

We were staying at the Wild Wild West Days Inn hotel. It wasn’t glamorous, but we weren’t planning on spending a lot of time in our room so there was no real point in spending a lot of money. It is behind New York-New York so it isn’t that far from The Strip anyway.

It isn’t a particularly nice part of Vegas (although we did go to worse parts) and taxi drivers kept reminding us and one night I did get woken up because a prostitute was arguing with her client because he had hit her head…it was an interesting conversation!

Still the gambling was cheap and there was a Denny’s which were were given free breakfast tokens for, so it made the breakfasts a little less foul knowing that we weren’t paying for them!

I’ll leave you with some pictures of our beautiful hotel and you can read about my other adventures soon!

Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West

Free Breakfast!

Free Breakfast!

View from our room

View from our room


Bad Blogger! (and nights out)

I’ve been naughty and I’ve forgotten to blog!

To be fair I am a busy bee, I work week days and I party at weekends 😀

I’ve had some fab nights out recently and all local ones too. A cheeky Wednesday night in Spoons and I wasn’t even drinking, but that’s the problem with having friends who are at uni, they can go out on school nights. Although saying that, me a couple of friends did have Wine Wednesday a few weeks ago and I can promise I will not be doing that again any time soon, I’m getting too old for it 😉

Me and my lovely friends Ruth and Katie had a fab night out going to a few bars then heading down the local nightclub last weekend. We all went a bit crazy but danced our socks off and made that most of a great night. The end of the night was an interesting one, Katie got a lift home with her brother because she lives miles away and me and Ruth decided to head to be kebab shop and then get a taxi. The only problem being that we both had no money.

In our merry state we decided to walk into the  town centre (about 10 mins) and get some cash out, but it was pouring with rain. Obviously that didn’t stop us! With amazing luck we discovered two £10 notes on the ground half way into our walk to town but determined to get kebab we decided to keep walking.

The men in the kebab shop were rather shocked to have to drenched ladies girls stumble in but we still ordered our cheesy chips and chicken burger (each) called a taxi and went on our merry way.

It is safe to say I didn’t feel fabulous the next day!

Me and Ruth in the Kebab Shop

Me and Ruth in the Kebab Shop, can you tell it was raining?!

My First Race (and maybe my last!)

My boyfriend is a runner, not a professional runner, but he enters races and triathlons.

I don’t.

I was always a sprinter at school, and the thought of running more than 100 metres would horrify me! Over the last year or so I decided to get fit and start running. I’m still not a good runner, and I’m terrible at actually going running (which is probably why I’m not a good runner), I try but I’m just not motivated.

Ready for the race - not looking happy

Ready for the race – not looking happy

So, to try to motivate myself I entered a race, just 5km, but I entered it and then I didn’t train! I’m partially blaming dislocating my thumb for this because I couldn’t run with my cast on and then I never really got back into it. I ended up doing a bit of running and managed to get to 4km on the treadmill 2 days before my race, probably a mistake, my legs were killing!

The race day came, I was dragged along by my boyfriend, he did really well and motivated me all the way along. Sadly, I had to walk some of it but I finished in style an awesome sprint and completed it in 37mins 57sec. I was aiming for 45mins so I’m seeing that as a success 🙂

I don’t want to make a habit of this though, I will keep running for fitness but I do not want to be doing any more races!

Except one, I am planning on doing the Race for Life next year and now I’ve written it down in my blog it is practically a promise. I’ll keep you updated!